Mobile scanning offers a further method of rapid data capture, allowing for the scanning system to be either vehicle or boat mounted and for 3D data to be collected whilst moving.

From a vehicle this provides a platform for the collection of data along highway corridors and areas of urban landscape and for route planning, whilst the use of an off-road vehicle or quad bike provides for data capture on beaches and coastal areas, open pit mines and quarries and areas of landslide and natural hazards.

Boat Mounted Mobile Scanning Systems

The boat mounted setup provides for data capture along river corridors and coastal areas, ports and harbours and can be combined with hydrographic data to provide a complete 3D data set above and below the waterline.

At geosphere4d we use the StreetMapper system for mobile data collection. For more information on this mobile scanning system follow the link: StreetMapper.

Spherical HDR photography

Geosphere4d uses Spheron HDR camera technology to capture spherical images, for more information on this technology follow the link our spherical photographic surveys url: Spherical Photography